The Difference Between a Pillow Sham and Pillowcase ​

The Difference Between a Pillow Sham and Pillowcase

For the uninitiated, pillowcases and pillow shams may mean the same thing. They’re very similar to an extent but not same. The distinction between these two is subtle and hence, it gives rise to mix-ups quite often. So, let us clear the confusion between these commonly used bed sheet products.

Let’s start with pillowcases. Pillowcases as the name implies are employed for covering the actual pillow. They’ve an opening having a flange at one end. They protect the pillow from getting soiled and damaged due to usage. There are a few fancy pillowcases available also that come with decorative finishes in the edges. Generally, pillowcases are simpler than pillow shams.

Now let us try to understand what pillow shams are. They often arrive with a tuck flap at the back and at times they may even come with a hidden closed or an overlapping cloth. Pillow shams are created to match with your duvet cover or comforter. They add a dash of sophisticated touch to your mattress and they also protect your pillowcases from dirt and dust.

Sham vs Pillowcase

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