Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

Bedsheets are an important part of our sleeping space and they help us to keep our mattress clean and dirt free. But when it comes to choosing sheets, there is a lot of confusion between the two. We have explained in detail on Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets to help you make your choice. In this blog we have answered frequently asked questions about both Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets so you can make an informed decision.

What is Fitted Sheet?

Fitted Sheet is a sheet with elastic corners on the edges. There are some fitted sheets with elastic only on the corners, and then there are some fitted sheets with an all-around thick elastic to keep the sheet firmly on the mattress. Fitted Sheets doesn’t need any tucking, and stretches to cover the mattress easily.

Step by step guide to fold fitted sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

Here is a step by step guide to fold your fitted sheet;

Step 1

  • Length-wise, locate all four corners.
  • Place both your hands on the inside corner, directly at the seams, while the opening of the fitted sheet faces your body
  • Bring both the corners in your left hand and ensure they are aligned.

Step 2

  • Tuck the first two corners inside, while picking up the third one.
  • Hold the last corner’s seam from the inside
  • Similar to the step 1 c).

Step 3

  • Adjust the fitted sheet so that all corners are tucked into each other.
  • Lay flat the fitted sheet, square off the edges and fold into halves.
  • Neatly fold the fitted sheet like shown in the picture

What is Flat sheet?

Flat sheets

Flat sheet is also called as top sheet and it doesn’t have any elastic corners. You need to tuck it under the mattress on the sides to keep it in place.

What is a Flat Sheet Used For?

Flat Sheet is used for covering your mattress to protect it from dirt and grime Flat Sheets help to protect your Duvets from dirt and keep it fresh for a longer period. You can use flat sheet to add a luxe decorative element in your bedroom by mixing and matching with your beddings.

Can I just use a Flat Sheet as it is?

You can tuck in Flat Sheet for a secure fit or keep it as it is. The versatile flat sheet can be used as half-tuck, loosely tuck, folded or layered or however you want. Flat Sheets makes your beddings simplified with its many uses.

Can you tuck your flat sheet?

Yes to keep the Flat Sheet from unravelling on your mattress, you can try different ways to tuck your Flat Sheet.

What kind of sheets do 5 star hotels use?

5 Star hotels use cotton sheets because of its cool, crisp qualities for a luxurious hotel experience. Most hotels use premium cotton because it is breathable, durable and easy to maintain. The 5 star hotels tends to go for a higher thread counts between 400 thread count to 1000 thread count.

There are different quality thread counts, and you can choose based entirely on preferences.

  •     400 Thread Count is light and airy
  •     600 Thread Count is mid weight and smooth
  •     800 Thread Count is buttery soft
  •     1000 Thread Count is luxuriously thick

You can buy the 5 star hotel sheets here

How do you know which sheets are better for you?

It is all about preference. Both have their unique advantages and it is up to your specific requirements. Flat Sheets have many uses for your bedding, while Fitted Sheets gives a secure protective coverage to your mattress.

dorm room ideas

5 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for You!

5 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for You!

College reopening is just around the corner! So, Back to School vibes are sparkling everywhere. The new school year, new people, new teachers, new books, a new dorm room, and new roommates! You must be excited to move to the new living space in your college. Are you thinking of making it cozy with various dorm room decorating ideas? Do you know that you can decorate your dorm room with various design styles like contemporary, bohemian, traditional, french country, and a lot more? And the interesting fact is that your design style reflects your personality. Hence, while selecting the designs for dorm room decor, think of what you want & what will make you comfortable. No matter whatever design you pick, we will help you decorate your dorm room. Also, the Back to School Sale is flashing on almost all the websites. You can take benefits of them for creating budget-friendly dorm room decor.

Here, we are with 5 simple & easy dorm room decorating ideas. They will help you to convert your small living space into a cozy & classy dorm room.

dorm idea

Dorm room decor starts with the layout. You can follow simple ways to make more space.

  • Choose the right layout for your and your roommate’s needs.
  • Push the beds against opposite walls to make some personal space and then both of you can customize your side walls.
  • For privacy, you can use curtains or tapestries with string, hooks, or shower curtain tension rods as room dividers. There is one more option of using plastic or wooden foldable room dividers. Select as per your need & preference.

Once you finalize the layout, think of an arrangement for your stuff. Keep in mind the principle of maximum utilization of space.

  • Use the vertical space as wall shelves & bookshelves. You can keep your books, photo frames, decorative items, coffee mug, Bluetooth speaker & whatnot!
  • You can also use space-saving storage cube organizers for keeping blankets, study material, clothes, and other stuff.
  • Make your storage cube unit double as a nightstand or entertainment stand to maximize the space in your dorm room.
  • Also, you can make a storage bench and extra seating in your dorm by laying a long unit on its side and placing a cushion on top.

These space-saving dorm room ideas are always beneficial as most of the dorm rooms are small in size and occupied on a twin, triple, or quadruple sharing basis.

Loft your bed for more space

Utilize the space at its best. Lofting your bed is also one of the best dorm room ideas. But before doing that, check out with the College Housing Team if they allow you to adjust your bed’s height. You can fully loft your bed to create an under-bed space for study and storage. It’s possible to gain up to eight inches of storage space under your bed by using bed risers if you can’t raise its height. Depending on your needs, that might be enough space to store clothes, books, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and anything else you need to store.

Loft your bed for more space

Coordinate with your roommate for Colour Scheme

You can create a vibrant look by keeping one color family in mind, either cool or warm. Choose 2-4 basic colors and experiment with shades. You can stick to all neutrals, pair a pastel with neutral colors, use bright colors for a lively ambiance, or go with the different shades of the same color. Choose according to how you want the output. Before that, discuss with your roommate a color scheme for your living space. Maybe he/ she would prefer coordinating color schemes rather than matching coverlets. Discover a common ground on at least one color, and build from there.

Colour Scheme dorm bedding

Bedding is an important factor to consider

Good Sleep is a key to staying healthy and relieving stress. As you embark on a new year of experiences, you want your bed to serve as a peaceful and comfortable retreat.

First, check the size of your dorm bed as they differ from college to college. Some dorms use standard twin beds, others use twin XL beds. Choose your sheet sets according to that. You will need at least two sheet sets for alternate usage. Go for cotton bed sheets as they are durable and easy to care for. Their soft, sweat-wicking, and temperature-balancing nature ensures maximum comfort. You can select from flat sheets to fitted sheets in a range of colors and various thread counts from 400 to 1000. For discounts and best deals, keep an eye out for Back-to-School Sales. If you want to give a fresh, new look to your comforter, then consider buying a duvet cover.

In the end, throw pillows can be a great way to add style to your bed. If you already have them, then help them pop with fresh covers. Isn’t this dorm room decor creating a fresh vibe on a budget?

Set up your Small Kitchen

It’s one of the basics of your dorm room decorating ideas. You can have all your kitchen requirements even if your dorm room doesn’t have a kitchen. You can keep a mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and plenty of ready-to-eat snacks there. You can access these for midnight food cravings, late-night coffee, and even if you miss out on meal time at the mess.

So, these are the 5 tips to keep in mind while thinking of dorm room decorating ideas. Understand, that the dorm room is your living space for a year. Renovate it with creativity, make it cozy, and keep it lively even if you will leave it for a freshman after a year. The memories & moments you spend there will last as long as you live.

small kitchen dorm room idea kk

Happy Dorm Life!

What is Bed linen

What is Bed Linen

What is Bed linen

Are you new to the world of bedding and are at a loss in wondering what does the term ‘bed linen’ mean? Then you have reached the right spot. To make it simple, bed linen comprises of sheets, pillow cases and covers that you put on your bed. Apart from offering functionality, these various pieces also enhance the beauty of your bedroom and add character to it.

With enough information given so their choice of bed linen comes from a well-informed conscious decision. What is Bed linen varies in color, size, texture, and quality? Bed linen or beddings are called by different names throughout the world. For example, in Australia, bed linen goes by the name Manchester, in the US it’s called bedding.

Whichever it’s called all must agree that a bedroom décor is not complete without the right Manchester or bedding. Rightfully, bed linen consists usually of sets, for example, a flat sheet, fitted sheet, blanket and or a quilt. Sometimes sheets set consist of pillowcases also called pillow shams.

Let’s have a look at each of the various elements that come under bed linen.


Top Sheet or Flat Sheet – This sheet is used to separate you from your quilt, blanket or comforter. This is more often used in North America. In Europe, the duvet cover works on similar lines.

Bottom Sheet or Fitted Sheet – The bottom or fitted sheet features an elastic edge that fits over the ends of your mattress. It gives the bed a more defined and neat look.


A duvet cover set comes with duvet, a duvet cover and pillow shams. A duvet is similar to a comforter although it is lighter than a comforter. A duvet cover is something that covers the duvet and protects it from getting soiled and makes it look attractive. pillow shams are decorative covers for pillows designed with ruffles, rims and other decorative features.


A pillowcase is used to cover a sleeping pillow. Generally, rectangular in shape it has an opening at one end which allows you to put the pillow in.

Nothing makes you feel better than waking up on a bed with soft, cozy and attractive bed linen. A good night’s sleep is directly related to your happiness quotient. It makes sense to invest in bed linen that spells luxury, durability, elegance and superlative comfort.

Each of the bed linen pieces is made from 100% long staple cotton of Indian origin. The Fine Yarn Technique lends a softness that’s hard to miss. The fabric is soft and breathable and gives a cooling effect. Thanks to the special Single Dent satin weaving, the texture is smoother and without a shine

Types of Bed Linens

Top/ Flat sheets

We have already discussed the top sheet and fitted sheet, these top sheets are slowly being introduced in the UK, where the duvet cover is used as the flat sheet.


A bedspread sewn together in a rectangular or square shape stuffed with layers for warmth. The comforter is used by most in North America as a second “top sheet’. The comforter comes in varying sizes, colors and is a decorative piece to beds.


Mostly a thin, light sheet that covers the entire bed and touches the floor. This decorative is made with polyester, wool, cotton or chenille.


Usually woven and can be seen mainly at the top of the pillow or the foot of the bed. As its name, the coverlet is used as the sheet that covers users during the night. This bed linen can be found in hotel rooms or little inns. 


Blankets have their own personal use, some prefer to use it in place of a duvet, and others may use it as a comforter. However, the ways they are used, blankets are attractive and provide warmth on a rainy night. Made from wool, microfiber plush, cotton and sometimes a blend of fabric blankets are also the ideal choice for baby’s cots.


Make no mistake with a duvet, a duvet may be similar to a comforter but unlike a comforter, a duvet has to be used with a duvet cover. The cover protects the duvet, it encloses the duvet with either buttons or zippers. Covers are very chic and well decorated. In the UK duvet cover is the ‘top sheet’ used the Americans are quickly catching up to the ‘duvet’ concept.

Flat Sheet Most Important Part of Bed Linens


For the uninitiated a flat sheet may sound confusing. In simple terms, a flat sheet is a bedding frill or also commonly called as the top sheet. It is placed between your body and the blanket.

It is an extra layer over the bedding that keeps your comforter and blankets from dirtying. Getting your comforter or blanket laundered every now and then can be quite a painful, expensive and time-consuming activity. This is where the erstwhile flat sheet comes in as a savior.

Flat sheets reduce your laundry trips and also extend the lifespan of these products. Lesser washes mean lasting bright colors, reduced pilling and keep the wear and tear down too.

Besides protecting the blanket, bedding or duvet from getting dirty, they also add to the attractive quotient of the bedding linen.

After a long day’s work, you just need to flip over the flat sheet and snuggle in the cozy confines of your bed. On warmer nights, you can just pull the flat sheet over you and sleep. That’s the beauty of using a flat sheet.

History of Bed Linen

For the most, the question of ‘what is bed linen” can be answered quite simply, however, the clearest meaning will be, the covering of any bed top or mattress. The history of bed linen dates back to 3000 BC when the Kings of Egypt will raise their beds from the floor and decorate their bed top with rich, high-quality linen. The Roman Empire also used bed linen, their mattresses were stuffed with feathers and the top of the bed was decorated with different paintings, gold, silver, and bronze. Throughout the ages bed linen has evolved to what we have now, and they are used by everyone. Moreover, bed linens were first created with a center stitch on a rectangular fabric. Today, our linens come with hems, at the bottom and top.

Linens have revolutionized from being course and stiff to soft, plush and very exquisite. Bed linen generally comes in two styles- flat or fitted as mentioned earlier. The fitted sheet is used first when preparing a bed; it comes fitted with elastic and can only be used as a bottom “sheet’. The elastic on the four sides keep the fitted sheet in place and covers the entire mattress. The flat sheet, usually rectangular in shape is used over the fitted sheet; this bed linen is more beautifully crafted as it is the top sheet. Fitted sheets are popular more today than before because of the simplicity of using, more people prefer a sheet set with these important pieces incorporated.

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