Best 100 Cotton Pillowcases Covers and Pillowcase Sets

What Is Cotton

I’m sure if you look around your home, you’ll find many products made from cotton. Try towels, t-shirts, socks, sheets, curtains. So you might already know quite a lot about this fabric. But let’s get back to the basics for a moment.

Cotton is harvested from the genus of the flowering plant called Gossypium. The plant is a shrub and grows in tropical and subtropical parts of the world. Cotton Field In Louisiana – Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets Gossypium needs plenty of sunshine, a long frost-free period, and moderate rainfall. In areas that are lacking in the rain, the necessary water is obtained from irrigation. Although there are around 50 species of Gossypium, only a handful are used for commercial purposes.

·  Gossypium hirsutum aka upland cotton, which includes >90% of worldwide cotton production,

· Gossypium barbadense aka extra-long-staple cotton, giving 3-4% of world production,

· Gossypium arboreum and Gossypium herbaceum, together amounting to around 2%.

The biggest producers of cotton are China, India, the United States, Pakistan, and Brazil.

What is Egyptian Cotton

Egyptian cotton belongs to the Gossypium barbadense group. The G. barbadense species also contains other varieties, such as American pima, Indian Suvin, Chinese Xinjiang, and Sea Island cotton.

Flower of Gossypium barbadense – Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets What distinguishes them from other cottons, is the length of the cotton fiber. Egyptian cotton has either long staple (LS) or extra-long staple (ELS) fibers. But more about than a bit later.

The Gossypium barbadense flower is a delicate yellow color, while cotton itself starts forming in the bracts that remain after the fertilized flower falls off. This bract is what we call a cotton boll. A boll is home to 27 to 45 seeds and each seed grows around 10,000 to 20,000 fibers. So overall each cotton boll contains hundreds of thousands of fibers. Cotton Boll – Best Egyptian Cotton Sheets

At first Egyptian cotton was true to its name – it referred only to cotton grown in Egypt. The delta of the Nile river was an especially fertile ground for the cotton plant to prosper. This cotton was a synonym for luxury. Over time, others also wanted a piece of the luxury pie and today, the Egyptian cotton label is used more loosely. Not all cotton products that carry the label Egyptian cotton, actually come from cotton grown in Egypt. And since there is quite a lot of cotton grown in Egypt in general, not all of that cotton is actual extra-long or long staple cotton.

With time, the meaning however changed. It now covers all long staple cottons, even if the origin is not Egypt. True Egyptian cotton is thought to be superior to other types of cotton sheets available, such as Pima (or Supima) cotton.

How to choose best qualities of egyptian cotton

Cotton is widely know as a fabric that breathes nicely.

Great Recommendation for those who tend to run hot during the night. A breathable fabric lets air move more freely between the threads. As a result, the sheets will remain cool and will keep you cool also.

Another Great quality of cotton is the fact that it loves water also has excellent moisture-wicking qualities. This, coupled with all the excellent breathability, makes cotton among the greatest choices for sweaty sleepers.

Cotton Sheets become softer with every wash. It may happen that when you buy a new bed set, the sheets seem a bit rough. You may give your sheets a wash or 2, or even more, before laying them onto your bed.

What Is special about Egyptian cotton is it is basic length.Egyptian Cotton has extra-long staple fiber. This makes for higher quality sheets which are softer and last longer.

Egyptian Cotton is also hand-picked. This puts less strain on the fibers and they stay straight and undamaged. If You’re looking for an extra touch of softness, keep a watch for combed cotton. The cotton boll obviously contains fibers of various lengths.

Egyptian Cotton has long or extra-long staple fibers but these also have slight differences between them.

So to Make sure that the sheet set doesn’t contain shorter fibers, producers remove Them by way of combing the fibers before they are spun into yarns. As a End result, the sheet receives extra bits of softness.

Best Pure Cotton Pillowcases & Pillowcover

California Design Den Set of 2 Cotton Pillowcases (600 TC)

They certainly are everything they claim to be.

  • No Chemical Smell
  • Certified Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex
  • 100% Pure Natural Cotton
  • Finest Long Staple Compact Yarns
  • Soft Sateen Weave
  • Bio-Polish for Smooth Fabric and No Pilling
  • Colorfast Dyes & Shrink Resistant Fabric
  • Individually Tailored.

The California Design Den Pillowcase are soft, lightweight & easy to wash with very little wrinkling.    100% Extra Long Staple Cotton Pillowcase Use of Single Ply Yarns for more comfortable & Luxurious sleep.  The pillowcase is Approved Authentic 600 Threads Per Square Inch & Soft Sateen Weave Stylish Double Needle Band Pleat Hem for attractive look & more durability. These cotton pillowcases set of 2 comes with Size indicators for easy use.

Pillowcase is made using fine cotton yarns for less pilling, durable structure, superb breathability, and a cozy feel, exactly like the linens at luxury hotels. When crafting our extra-long staple cotton pillowcases, they comb the cotton to filter impurities out. Then every pillowcase is stitched with a skilled artisan. This attention to detail helps us make sure your new, high quality Pillowcases include a superbly soft feel, superior to that of natural Egyptian or Egyptian cotton linens. These Pillowcase have Zero Chemical Smell.

Mayfair Linen Set of 2 100 Cotton Pillowcases (500 TC)

Mayfair Linen Set of 2 Cotton Pillowcases (800 TC)

  • 100% Egyptian Cotton
  • Pillowcases are made using 100% long staple Egyptian cotton.
  • Pure cotton yarns are sateen weave to give the fabric a silky soft and smooth finishing to Pillowcases.
  • Cotton Pillow Cases are featured with hotel like quality and comfort.
  • There are many options for colours to suit your bedroom decor
  • No pilling, shrinkage, color and tear strength.
  • Breathable and Hypo-Allergenic
  • Low Cost of Laundry as these cotton pillowcase are Home Washable

These Pillowcase are given attention to detail makes them superior in look and feel to other micro-fiber sheets. If you have night sweats problem this pillowcase comes with breathable fabric innovatively designed to wick away moisture to keep you cool and dry throughout the night. Washing the Pillow cover & sheet of Mayfair Brand is absolutely ease and save your buck on high laundry. Avail in wide variety of colour to suit your bedding make over

Ashton Set of 2 Soft Cotton Pillowcases (1000 TC)

  • 100% Long Staple Egyptian Pure Cotton
  • Pillowcase are Sateen Weave for cosy finishing & feel Sateen weave retain softness for a lifetime
  • Pillowcase 1000 Thread Count with Sateen weave delivers the durability of hotel pillowcases.
  • Pillowcases are available in Standard & King sizes.
  • Highest quality dye materials are used for fade resistance
  • No pilling, shrinkage, color fastness, tear strength
  • Thread count authenticity before being individually measured and stitched to perfection
  • Avail in Various Sizes & Color

If you are warm sleeper and tended to stray away from high thread counts because most budgeted ones were not breathable go for these Pillowcase. Match up these 1000 Thread Count cotton pillowcase with branded Boll & Branch cotton pillowcase that were double the price of this cotton pillowcase with same quality & breathability. Ashton Cotton pillow covers gets softer with every washes. It’s a good quality 1000 Thread Count cotton pillowcases at very affordable price range.

NTBAY Set of 2 Durable Cotton Pillowcases (500 TC)

  • Super soft pillowcases
  • Made of premium quality cotton, which is hypoallergenic and soft to the touch.
  • Gets softer and more comfortable after each wash.
  • Featured with Envelope closure end design to put in or take off the pillows easily.
  • Avail in variety of color options & Sizes for every living space
  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, tumble dry at low temperature, cool iron if needed
  • Do not bleach. No wring.

The envelope closure in this cotton pillowcase is easy to do and does keep everything neat and tidy. Pillowcase offer bit more room than a standard king pillowcase which is nice when you have an extra fluffy pillow! stitching in these cotton pillowcases are nicely done with no loose threads or skip stitching. The fabric in these cotton pillow covers gets a bit softer with each wash. Made of premium quality cotton which offer soft touch every time you touch & are hypoallergenic

Comfy Set of 2 Cotton Pillowcases (1000 TC)

  • Pillowcases are made using 100% long staple Egyptian cotton.
  • Pillowcases are free from Harmful Chemicals & Certified ‘Made in Green’
  • Pillow cases are actually a sham the sizes are 2 pillowcases: 21” X 30”
  • Experience Hotel like quality and comfort.
  • 1000 Thread Count for Long Time Use
  • High quality and durable.
  • Affordable rates and satisfaction assurance.
  • Organic and natural.

The fabric in this cotton pillowcase is very soft and smooth and feels extremely luxurious iron the pillow cases to get that crisp feel to the clean surface. Pillow cases are actually a sham the sizes are 2 pillowcases: 21” X 30”. Many options for colors to suit your bedroom makeover. pillow cases are soft and smooth and fade resistant, and are very easy to maintain. Quality of our products is parallel to that of what you experience in top-rated five-star hotels across the country.