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Mattress Cover With Zippered Fitted Sheets – Buy Now

  • Zippered fitted sheets offer QuickZip is a patented, 2-part fitted sheet that is convenient, comfortable & hassle-free in every way imaginable
  • Placing or changing fitted sheets on & off the mattress will never be a struggle again.
  • Won’t pop off: The fitted sheets base is open on the bottom and snugly hugs the sides of the mattress, with the proprietary
  • Super Grip Corners keeping it firmly in place; Deep pockets (16”), durable continuous elastic, fits mattress up to 80” x 60” inch.
  • Zip-On Sheets can be easily zipped on & off the fitted base with the help of a sturdy YKK zipper that stays hidden out of sight.
  • 400 thread count sateen cotton Bed cover with zip.
  • Unlike age-old fitted sheets sets that are incredibly cumbersome to change & wash, easy to clean, change, store & fold.
  • Made with your comfort in mind: QuickZip Fitted Sheets are particularly useful for people with difficult-to-reach mattresses on corner beds, bunk beds, daybeds, lofts, adjustable beds.


Mattress Cover With Zippered Fitted Sheets

Topic: Mattress Cover With Zippered 400 TC Cotton Fitted Sheets Mattress Covers (cotton with chain/zip)

The benefit of the Zippered Fitted Sheet.

Why Upgrade to Zippered Fitted Sheets

  • Do you Avoid changing your Mattress Cover since you fear replacing that pesky old elastic cushioned sheet?
  • You have tried everything splayed Yourself throughout your whole bed in an endeavour to keep the corners out of popping, allowing your kid to hold down one end as you bruise your knuckles fighting with another.
  • Many of you have given up Entirely, fretting about only washing it just when it’s too dirty. The battle is now over with the QuickZip, a fitted sheet that will not pop off, and that’s simple to use.
  • This revolutionary product is a Fitted sheet that comes in 2 pieces, which are included in a foundation that remains permanently on your mattress and the upper part that fits your mattress.
  • To change the sheet, unzip the uppermost part in the portion and zip onto a fresh one.
  • No more fighting with corners or figuring out how to fold bedding the QuickZip requires the Nightmare from our dreaded laundry job.

Benefit of Zippered Fitted Sheets

  • It all starts with our 2-piece system
  • Base + Zip Sheet
  • Zippered Fitted Sheets Flexes to fit and stay snug so it won’t pop off
  • The top part zips off and on in seconds for quick changes
  • Zippered Fitted Sheet is easy to wash, fold, and store
  • Get it right the first time! No more guessing which corner goes where
  • Know your sheet 😉 with easy-view size tags
  • You can always buy additional Zip Sheets; all interchangeable within the size, mix and match colors and fabrics

For New User of Zippered Fitted Sheets :

  • Zip together Base and Zip Fitted Sheet top.
  • Place zipper start ribbon at the lower right or upper left corner.
  • Slip Fitted sheet over the mattress
  • Zip-off and on to change easy fizzy

Final Verdict to buy this fitted sheet

  • Mattress Cover are good heavy tightly woven all-cotton sheets-smooth, comfortable, and wash well.
  • These Mattress Cover with zip are also very good quality and easy to use, with a nice big ribbon tag at the corner.
  • Easily Fits memory foam queen mattress & adjustable bed
  • Ordinary Fitted sheets always popping off the corners whether go for extra deep pocket sheets, but still had the same problem.
  • Go for QuickZip sheets give them a try. SHAZAM! Problem solved!!  No Chance of pop off the corner as it’s a zipper fitted sheet for the mattress.
  • No longer have to struggle with folding a fitted sheet
  • This Cotton mattress cover zipper is heavy and soft and as completely comfortable as my Egyptian cotton 1,000 thread count top sheets
  • Sooner or Later QuickZip sheets will be a favorite new product What a wonderful solution to an age-old problem!
  • They are easy to put on, easy to fold, and extremely comfortable with the highest quality zipper.
  • Zippered mattress cover makes doing laundry easy!
  • They make changing the sheets easy!
  • They are soft and comfortable!
  • A great pick for a Double bed mattress cover with zipper

Key Feature of Fitted Sheet

  • QuickZip Fitted Sheet
  • Includes 1 Fitted Sheet Base & 2 Zip-On Sheets
  • Easy to Change, Fold & Wash
  • Soft Sateen 400 TC Cotton Fitted Sheets
  • 16” Deep Pockets Queen Size mattress Sheets

This Zippered fitted sheets Consists of 100% Cotton that has been pre-shrunk to guarantee a proper fit, even after washing. Made from sateen weaved fabric, this bedding is lavish and smooth and has a touch sheen.

YKK, one of the world’s premier zipper manufacturers. When in use, the zipper is hidden away beneath a cloth flap to prevent it to keep it out of sight for luxurious seamless bedding.

The overall construction of the QuickZip Sheets is exceptional, helping to live up to its reputation as a premium quality fitted sheet. Even though it features a few moving parts and pieces (compared to a classic elastic rubber fitted option ), quality has not been compromice.

The base of the Zippered fitted sheets is Designed to firmly grasp the mattress. The zippers are securely fastened to the base and the uppermost part, so continued pulling during zipping and unzipping will not rip the zipper or tracks from the cloth.

The Zippered fitted sheets offer Quick zip which look good and  holding up to heavy use and frequent washing. The base component of the Zippered fitted sheets holds tightly to the mattress and won’t pop off of corners after years of usage. The colors will stay vibrant with appropriate care.

Since the cotton is pre-shrunk, The user doesn’t have to be concerned about it no more fitting their bed after washing. It will shrink slightly if cleaned in warm water that is too hot, but the Amount of shrinkage will be relatively insignificant. Regardless, it is Recommended that all washing be completed in warm or cold water, when at all possible.

Top Customer Feedback

I purchased the fitted sheets in king size with 2 zip panels. I put them on the bed and they were super tight. My mattress is only 13″ thick and they say they fit up to a 17″ mattress. I took some photos and emailed their customer service. It was noted that I didn’t have the zipper begin in either the bottom right or top left corner. This is very important. After I switched it to where it should be, they fit great. I just unzipped for the first time and washed. The quality is really good and the idea is so clever. It is super easy to change the sheets now. I will definitely be ordering more for my other beds.

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