percale bed sheets

Percale Bed Sheets

Many people think that percale is a fabric. That it’s like cotton or linen that is used for making bed sheets. But that’s actually not true. Instead, percale refers to a certain type of weave pattern. Find out more about percale and what are the best percale bed sheets available on Amazon.

What Is Percale

Percale Bed sheets are sheets that have a specific type of weave called percale. The percale weave is quite simple. It’s a criss-cross pattern where one thread is woven over, one thread under. This pattern is actually the same as plain weave but percale has a more tight weave. This gives the sheet a fine texture and a more matte finish.

Percale wave is lightweight, durable, breathes well, and has a crisp feel to it. It’s the most common weave for bed sheets and the best fit for most people. This type of weave is mostly characteristic of cotton sheets. But you can also find different blends. Such as cotton and bamboo, or cotton and microfiber sheets with a percale weave.

The word percale likely originates from the Persian word pargālah, which means rag. This is not something that is actually characteristic of percale sheets. Percale weave has a cool and crisp feel to it. The tighter the weave, the smoother the sheets are to the touch. Percale sheets are durable and get softer with every wash. Many people have had percale sheets in their childhood. And when they’re older, they start looking for that same crispiness. Just like the sheets at their Grandma’s. If you’re one of those people, we have good news for you. We’ve picked out the best percale sheets available on Amazon.

Best Percale Sheet You Should Buy Online

Percale Bed Sheets
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Rivet is an Amazon brand. Also, its Percale sheets are super affordable. The thread count is 200, and the fabric is more cotton. They’re maybe not just a high-quality pair, however considering the price, you’re getting a great deal. In general, these sheets are sharp and cool. If you’re in luck, you can find yourself a couple of pillowcases separately. However, since they are so hunted after, they disappear quite quickly.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Graphite, Mint, Peach-pink, Vapor, White

Price: From $44

Percale Bed Sheets

Stone & Beam

Amazon brand, keeping the cost low and nice. This sheet set includes a thread count of 300 and is traditionally made of upland cotton. The sheets are of adequate quality and also a great option if you are on a budget. You might even purchase a spare pair of pillowcases out of Stone & Beam. What we love most about these sheets is that their design. It’s a white sheet having a colored stripe that attracts it into life–a tender but noticeable signature for some more personality.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: Aruba, Cloud, Lagoon, Linen, Smoke

Price: From $47

Percale Bed Sheets


These percale sheets by Abripedic Are super crisp. The fabric is made from Long-staple cotton fiber. That the sheet is softer and stronger when compared to the majority of other cotton sheets. The fitted sheet has deep pockets and can fit mattresses up to 18″. So if you get a thick mattress, then these sheets will probably stick to through the evening, even if you toss and turn. The sheets do tend to wrinkle. If that is something you dislike, these are not the ideal fit for you. Yet, the majority of people don’t find this to be a showstopper. You might also use a trick to reduce the wrinkles. Take the sheets from the drier while they’re still damp and put them on the bed. This helps even out wrinkles. And provide a smooth coating to the new best percale sheets. Abripedic additionally sells pillowcases separately, just in case you are on the lookout for some!

Sizes: Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Gold, Grey, Aqua Sky, Canvas, Celery, Sea, Periwinkle

Price: From $70

Percale Bed Sheets

Casper’s Supima

With a percale weave are a true dream to sleep. Even the extra-long-staple cotton comes from the US, and the sheets that are all made in California. The sheets include a thread count of 400 and therefore are made from two-ply threads. They can last longer and are highly breathable. Casper is gathering an increasing number of momentum from the bedroom scene. Which isn’t surprising, thinking about the utmost relaxation and attention that they hope to. They are doing a terrific job, and that’s why we love them. All these sheets are good quality, stay firmly on the bed, are trendy, and smooth to the touchscreen. Truly among the best percale sheets having a gorgeous design.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Cream, Gray/Slate, Navy/Azure, Sky/Azure, White/Slate

Price: From $51

Percale Bed Sheets

Peru Pima

This percale sheet set has been from Extra-long-staple cotton fibers by Peru Pima. Many five star hotels purchase their asses from Peru Pima. The thread count is 415, which gives the sheets a bit of crispiness that adds personality. However, they usually do not lack softness or comfort. The sheets breathe well and are excellent for sweaty sleepers. They also have other great qualities, such as the great moisture-wicking ability. If you need an additional pair of pillowcases, you can get them out of Peru Pima. Additionally, you will get a great surprise when you see the packaging. It’s a truly excellent blend of a high-quality sheet, reasonable price, and fantastic delivery.

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Slate, Navy Blue, Latte, Nautical Stripe Blue, Nautical Stripe Grey, Pinstripe Grey, Pinstripe White, Shadow Grey, Smoke Grey, Wide Stripe Grey, Wide Stripe Latte

Price: From $90

Percale Bed Sheets

Kotton Culture If You Are Looking for percale Sheets made from cotton, this is it. Kotton Sheets has made you covered. The top thread and percale weave make certain you obtain a thick, crisp, and heavier sheet set. Remember that the sheets may be somewhat demanding at the beginning, which is normal for cotton. They become thicker the more you use and wash them. Please provide them several washes before the first use. The color selection is unusually wide. Perfect if you are feeling adventurous and would like to spice up your bedroom. The fitted sheet has elastic all around and fits mattresses up to 15″. Even if you’re a restless sleeper, then the sheet stays set up.

Sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, Split King, Cal King, Split Cal King

Colors: Black, White, Ivory, Wine, Sky Blue, Burgundy, Taupe, Plum, Gray, Peach, Teal, Navy Blue, Silver, Beige, Moss, Blood Red, Mediterranean Blue

Price: From $65

Sizes: King, Split King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory, Gold, Gray, Canvas, Celery, Periwinkle

Price: From $90

Percale Bed Sheets

Elegant Bedding

Elegant Bedding has a 300 thread Count sheet set from long-staple single-ply cotton. And of course, with a percale weave. The sheets are light and have an extremely nice touch of crispiness. However, they’re not rough or hard. While sharp, they still keep the softness of cotton sheets. They also have other good cotton properties, such as great breathability, especially with the 300 thread count. Although the sizes are limited, Elegant Bedding also sells queen and king size pillowcases separately. In the event, you’re searching for an extra couple of superior quality pillowcases to go with the ideal percale sheets.

Percale Bed Sheets

Thomas Lee’s Bedding

Thomas Lee’s bedding collection is pure luxury. The percale sheets have been made from Pima cotton that is fully grown in the US, along with the sheets are made from India. With a 500 thread count, then they are more on the heavy side. There certainly are a few things that produce Thomas Lee’s sheets stand out. The thread count and percale weave give them nice crispiness. It’s this special form of crispiness that’s tough to come by. Usually, the main one that goes back to your youth. The sheets are generously over-sized in the traditional manner, so they truly are sure to fit your mattress. Though it’s a thick one, like 18″. The entire sheet collection has been an excellent quality one, and the cost reflects that.

Sizes: Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White, Ivory

Price: From $215

Percale Bed Sheets


Sferra is a producer that Does their work extremely well. Their 100% Egyptian cotton sheets with a Percale weave are produced in Italy, from Long-staple cotton fibers, even with a thread Count of 200. This ribbon count Is Ideal for cool and airy sheets, so if You’re a sweaty sleeper, this is a fantastic option. This sheet set was inspired by the fashion you may see in some of the best five-star hotels. And if you Don’t regularly or ever check in at such hotels, you do have the choice to get a Similarly luxurious sleeping experience. Maybe not for some nights but every night. That’s something many of us can afford. If you can, it’s worth it!

Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King

Colors: White/Grey

Price: From $290

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