tip to get your child sleep quickly

10 Best Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep Quickly

Children and sleep are often a concern for parents, especially when it comes to getting them to bed on time. When little ones have trouble falling asleep, bedtime can become a battle zone. However, there are ways to even the odds. By creating a healthy sleep association, providing a comfortable sleep environment, and enforcing healthy daytime habits, children and teenagers can sleep well

10 Tips to Get Your Kids to Sleep

Tip To Kids Sleep

Set up a bedtime routine

Good sleep patterns are promoted by a regular bedtime routine that begins around the same time every night. About 20 minutes before bedtime, your child should engage in some quiet, enjoyable activities. Reading a book or listening to a short story are some of the common activities included in bedtime routines, including taking a bath or brushing teeth before bed.

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Relax before bedtime

It is very essential to have a relaxed time for the children before having a good night’s sleep. Reading books, listening to soft music, or practicing breathing techniques (Yoga for sleep blog) can help older children relax. But, school-age children can face difficulty in sleeping due to a tiring day at school. In case your child has trouble falling asleep after 30 minutes, he or she might need a longer wind-down time.

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A better Sleep Environment is a must

When it comes to children’s sleep, their surroundings play an important role. Some include reduced noise levels, minimal lighting, and optimum temperature. Taking care of the noise levels if you reside in a noisy neighbourhood is essential as it may create a disturbance for your kid to sleep without any trouble. Make sure to close the windows of the bedroom to avoid sleep disruption during the night.Comfortable bedding is also equally important for a night of uninterrupted sleep. Sometimes the uncomfortable bedding can be the reason for the incomplete sleep of your child, hence cotton bedding is the ideal choice as it inherits the qualities such as temperature regulation, high absorption, and is soft.

No Elecronic at Night for Children for good sleep

No Electronic Gadgets before Bedtime

If you want your kids to sleep well, you will have to be a little strict with them when it comes to their habit of using electronic devices. According to National Institutes of health studies, the light from computer screens, mobile phones, and televisions suppresses the production of melatonin, a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps induce sleep. Your child will be up for an additional 30 to 60 minutes if he or she watches TV, plays video games, or browses web pages right before bed. Hence, turn off the screens at least 2 hours before bedtime.

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Help alleviate fears

In spite of the fact that lots of scary creatures don’t exist, it is important for parents to address bedtime fears with their children rather than dismiss them. To reinforce your child’s sense of security, use a special toy for a guard or spray the room with “monster spray” before bedtime. Having a night light can help children with bedtime fears.


Follow a strict diet

Sleep quality can be affected by your child’s eating habits. Do not allow them to indulge in sugary treats and desserts during dinner as it may interfere with their sleep. The Columbia University study found that eating fatty foods and sugary treats can cause sleep disturbances. Alternatively, you can give them bananas, which contain tryptophan, which helps with insomnia. Including fiber-rich food in their meals also helps in making them sleep.

Bed Time Fun

Make Bed Time Fun

Follow a particular time schedule to make your kids sleep on time. There may be times when this works, but it can be counterproductive in the long run since you never know if they are lost in thought under their sheets. A better alternative, especially for pre-schoolers, would be to have a favorite toy that can only be hugged during sleep. This will be a motivating factor to go to bed early.



It has been proven that practicing yoga and exercise is not limited to staying fit but also helps in getting uninterrupted sleep. Make sure your kids get enough playtime in the evening. Kids won’t consider playing outdoors as exercise, but it’s a great way to get exercise. Making them do a few breathing techniques can relieve the congestion if any and give them a sound sleep.

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Waking Schedule

Just like having a sleeping schedule is important likewise having a wake-up time schedule is also essential. You should choose a wake-up time based on how much sleep your child needs and when they go to bed. Being consistent with the schedule is the key. It is generous of you to let your child sleep later on weekends, but it could have a negative impact in the long run.

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Nurture Self Soothing

For older kids, anxiety or sleep problems can be part of their life. In spite of the fact that you may have discussed any issues they might be facing with them, they may get up in the middle of the night. Ensure that they calm themselves down and only come to you as a last resort.

A good night’s sleep is vital to brain development, and if your children sleep well, their brains will remain active throughout the day. Due to the fact that kids need 10 to 13 hours of sleep each day, the above-mentioned tips should help make them sleep and arise on time.

Always consult your pediatrician if you have any concerns about your child’s sleeping habits. It may be suggested to see a sleep consultant, or there may be other suggestions you can try, to ensure that the entire family sleeps well!

Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

Flat Sheet Vs Fitted Sheet

Bedsheets are an important part of our sleeping space and they help us to keep our mattress clean and dirt free. But when it comes to choosing sheets, there is a lot of confusion between the two. We have explained in detail on Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets to help you make your choice. In this blog we have answered frequently asked questions about both Flat Sheets and Fitted Sheets so you can make an informed decision.

What is Fitted Sheet?

Fitted Sheet is a sheet with elastic corners on the edges. There are some fitted sheets with elastic only on the corners, and then there are some fitted sheets with an all-around thick elastic to keep the sheet firmly on the mattress. Fitted Sheets doesn’t need any tucking, and stretches to cover the mattress easily.

Step by step guide to fold fitted sheet

how to fold a fitted sheet

Here is a step by step guide to fold your fitted sheet;

Step 1

  • Length-wise, locate all four corners.
  • Place both your hands on the inside corner, directly at the seams, while the opening of the fitted sheet faces your body
  • Bring both the corners in your left hand and ensure they are aligned.

Step 2

  • Tuck the first two corners inside, while picking up the third one.
  • Hold the last corner’s seam from the inside
  • Similar to the step 1 c).

Step 3

  • Adjust the fitted sheet so that all corners are tucked into each other.
  • Lay flat the fitted sheet, square off the edges and fold into halves.
  • Neatly fold the fitted sheet like shown in the picture

What is Flat sheet?

Flat sheets

Flat sheet is also called as top sheet and it doesn’t have any elastic corners. You need to tuck it under the mattress on the sides to keep it in place.

What is a Flat Sheet Used For?

Flat Sheet is used for covering your mattress to protect it from dirt and grime Flat Sheets help to protect your Duvets from dirt and keep it fresh for a longer period. You can use flat sheet to add a luxe decorative element in your bedroom by mixing and matching with your beddings.

Can I just use a Flat Sheet as it is?

You can tuck in Flat Sheet for a secure fit or keep it as it is. The versatile flat sheet can be used as half-tuck, loosely tuck, folded or layered or however you want. Flat Sheets makes your beddings simplified with its many uses.

Can you tuck your flat sheet?

Yes to keep the Flat Sheet from unravelling on your mattress, you can try different ways to tuck your Flat Sheet.

What kind of sheets do 5 star hotels use?

5 Star hotels use cotton sheets because of its cool, crisp qualities for a luxurious hotel experience. Most hotels use premium cotton because it is breathable, durable and easy to maintain. The 5 star hotels tends to go for a higher thread counts between 400 thread count to 1000 thread count.

There are different quality thread counts, and you can choose based entirely on preferences.

  •     400 Thread Count is light and airy
  •     600 Thread Count is mid weight and smooth
  •     800 Thread Count is buttery soft
  •     1000 Thread Count is luxuriously thick

You can buy the 5 star hotel sheets here

How do you know which sheets are better for you?

It is all about preference. Both have their unique advantages and it is up to your specific requirements. Flat Sheets have many uses for your bedding, while Fitted Sheets gives a secure protective coverage to your mattress.

Dorm Bedding Color Scheme Idea

Trending Dorm Bedding Color Scheme Idea For 2022

A dorm room is not just a living space, but a room where you learn to be independent and grow your circle. It’s the place where you learn most of life’s lessons. So, decorating your living space for a good mood & calm vibes comes under your to-do list before moving to the college dorm. It’s not just about selecting the color scheme but showcasing your personality through these colors. Start your dorm room decor by choosing the color scheme. It will make the whole process easier and help you visually organize the space. But, selecting the best dorm room color schemes can be a daunting task. Don’t worry. We are here to help you out.

How to choose the best dorm room color schemes?

color dorm combination
  • Start with what you already have

If you are planning to use bed linens or comforters which you already have, then it can be the base color around which you can work upon. Make a list of dorm decor items you have with their respective colors and accordingly select the best dorm room color scheme from below.

  • Remember the color wheel

The color wheel gives you color scheme ideas to choose from. Adjacent colors on the color wheel will make your room look comfortable and more cohesive. If you want to give a color pop and contrasting look to your dorm room, you can select the colors which are exactly opposite to each other on the color wheel.

  • Select from your favorite colors

Just go with your favorite colors as they keep you happy, and relaxed. They make you feel comfortable. If you still cannot decide, check your wardrobe. There you have a collection of clothes in your favorite colors. If you have a more bright and bold-colored closet, then you are comfortable with the bright color palette. Is your wardrobe reflecting all neutral colors? Then, you might want to go with white and grey shades.

Don’t pick more than four dorm room color schemes.

Everything should match together to create a beautiful & cozy dorm room. Hence, avoid using more than four dorm room color schemes. It won’t look cohesive.

Now, the homework for finding the best dorm room color schemes is done. It’s time to get to work and see which dorm room color schemes will work best for you. Here, we have some trending dorm room color schemes that you can choose to create the dorm room of your dreams.

Trending Dorm Room Color Schemes

Ivory & Sand Pallete

Ivory and White dorm color combination schemes

The color scheme will work best for the one who is looking for aesthetic dorm room. It is one of the modern color schemes which gives a calm, peaceful, and stylish look to your dorm room. If you want your dorm room to look serene when you come back after an exhausting day, then you should go for this dorm room color scheme.

Finish your ivory bed linen search here.

Black & White

Black and White dorm color combination schemes

An easy to find and popular among male students, Black & white is one of the best dorm room color schemes. It looks, chic, clean, and comfortable when you use colors in perfect proportion. You should make more use of white for brightness. If Black is used more, the room might look dark & dull. You can complement the color scheme with light shades of grey to balance the colors. If you want to make it lavish, add some luxury touches with the stylish rug, blanket and pillows. You can also use tapestries, peel & stick wallpapers to elevate the space and make it a trendy dorm room.

Check out our black & white bed linens to finish your dorm room decor.

Pink & Grey

Grey and Pink dorm color combination schemes

With the perfect combination of pink & grey, the dorm room looks cozy & luxurious. It reflects playfulness with balance and neutrality. All the elements in this color scheme give a comfy relaxing look to the dorm room. And the tapestries hung near the bed complement the color scheme as the wall space is occupied nicely.

You can recreate the bedding look with latest most liked grey bed linens.

All White

white dorm color combination schemes

It is timeless and one of the best dorm room color motif. It can never go out-of-the trend. If you love neat & clean serene space, then you should try all-white dorm room decor. It is easy to find. The color scheme gives not only a spacious cozy feel but also keeps the room radiant.

The color itself gives a luxurious feel to the space. You can use artificial hanging flowers or other decorative items with different colors for some playfulness and if you want to break the color tone.

Get your white bedding collection here.

Blue & Grey

Grey and Blue dorm color combination schemes

The blue and grey dorm room color scheme looks so soothing and peaceful. If you love a relaxing environment just before starting and ending your day, you can go for this color scheme. Think of blue designer wallpapers, and rug and complement them with grey bedding.

You can easily recreate this look with grey & blue pillowcases, duvet covers, and bed linens.

Green & White

Green and White dorm color combination schemes

The green adds a fresh pop of color to a neutral dorm room. The green and white dorm room simply looks trendy & classic. The combination of white linens with the green duvet cover gives the perfect look to your bedding. Stylish printed tapestries make your empty wall space lively. Even the faux vines hanging from the ceiling add more life to the room. Especially, forest green compliments neutrals such as white, tan, and brown. It goes well in boho-themed dorm rooms too! If you are a nature lover, you can opt-in for this theme.

Check out latest Green and White Collection

Blue & Pink

Pink and Blue dorm color combination schemes

The combination of blue and pink is a popular dorm room color scheme. It feels fresh, lively, and youthful. The colors complement so well to each other that give you rejuvenating vibes when you come back after a busy day.

Refresh your dorm room decor with our blue & pink bedding collection.

These are the handpicked trending and best dorm room color schemes for the 2022. Select the one which suits your personality and gives you refreshing, soothing, and positive vibes. Don’t forget to check out our wide range of bedding collections to complement your favorite color scheme.

Check out latest Pink and Blue Dorm Color Combination Scheme

What Kind of Sleeper your Are

Find What Kind of Sleeper Are You ? Wolf, Lion, Bear Or Dolphin

Sleep is essential to good health but did you know that your productivity is also linked with your quality of sleep? Also known as Sleep Chronotype, these sleeping behaviors define your energy levels throughout the day and your quality of sleep at night. While your bedtime routine is affected by several factors like calming lights, cool cotton bedsheets and soft décor, it’s always a good idea to know what your sleeping type is.

You can learn how to get a better sleep when you know your sleeping behavior and hence, improve your lifestyle.

There are four types of sleepers. Knowing your type helps you find out when you are most productive in the day. These types are based on animals’ sleep and wake behaviors. The four kinds of sleepers are:

Bear – Happy go lucky and heavy sleeper

Types Of Sleepers (1) Bear

Most people tend to be bear when it comes to sleeping behaviour because their waking up and sleeping routine tends to be based on the Sun.

If you identify yourself as a Bear type of sleeper then you find it easy to sleep early and wake up on time with little to no problem. You find you are most productive before noon.

Bear Sleepers:

  1. Makes up about 55% of the population
  2. Early to bed early to rise sleep type
  3. Feels lethargic without 8 hours of sleep
  4. Extrovert, enjoys conversation and good in coordination
  5. Needs 8 hours of sleep to function
  6. Well with traditional office hours
  7. Struggle with social life in the evenings.

Wolf – Creative and insomniac

Types Of Sleeper Wolf

Also known as insomniac, the wolf sleeper type tend to find it difficult to wake up in the morning, but feel energetic when they wake up later. They are at their best at noon and their peak productive performance ends about 4 hours later.

Wolf Sleepers:

  1. Makes up to 15% of the population
  2. Classic night owl, creative and introverted
  3. Wakes up late, falls sleep late
  4. Most productive in the late evenings
  5. Actors, authors, musicians, and artists tend to be wolf sleeper
  6. Don’t work well during office hours
  7. Struggle with early morning meetings

Lion – Charismatic and early sleeper

Types Of Sleepers (3)

The lion type of sleeper is early to bed and early to rise with their performance at its peak till noon. Their bedtime tends to be around 9 PM to 10 PM.

Lion Sleepers: 

  1. Makes up to 15% of the population
  2. Early-bird, they tend to wake up between 4.00 AM to 5.00 AM
  3. Most productive in the morning
  4. Highly organized thinkers and doers
  5. Are in a high management position
  6. They like to make lists
  7. Struggle with social life in the evenings.

Dolphin – Intelligent and light sleeper

Types Of Sleepers (2)

Can you change your sleeping type?

Each sleeping type has advantages and disadvantages. It is difficult to change your sleeping behavior but it is not impossible. You can gently but consistently move toward a healthier sleeping lifestyle by adopting good eating and sleeping habits and reducing unwanted stressors.

For example, if you identify as a Wolf type of sleeper you can jumpstart your day with a high protein breakfast to feel more energetic. Similarly, if you’re a Bear type of sleeper, you can go for a brisk walk when you feel lethargic after lunch to maintain your energy levels.

If you want to change your sleeping type, improve your health and overall wellness, create a sleeping environment conducive to peaceful sleep. Bedroom furniture, decors and most importantly bed sheets are important factors to better sleep health.

Is there any difference between Circadian Rhythms vs. Chronotypes?

Yes, there is a difference between Circadian rhythms and Chronotypes. Both guide you to understand your sleeping patterns and consequently improve your sleep health.

Circadian Rhythm

  • It is controlled by the brain that makes you feel when to sleep and wake up
  • It is lowest between 2 AM and 4 AM

Sleep plays an important role in helping you perform your daily tasks. That’s why lifestyle changes that prioritises your sleep is important. Several research suggests that the quality of your sleep affects your learning, moods and judgement.


Best Sleeping Positions for Revitalize Morning Start

Are you in search of the best positions to sleep for back pain, neck pain, or during pregnancy? Sleeping position is as important as sleeping time because when we sleep, our body works to revive itself. It either helps or impedes the process. So, it becomes crucial to know the best position to sleep in that will help support the natural spinal curvature. A good sleeping position helps to relieve stress on the spine and makes you feel rejuvenated and well-rested. On the other hand, an inconvenient sleeping position may lead to back pain or neck pain.

Let’s have a look at the best sleeping positions for a fully-recharged good morning

1.Fetal Position

Fetal Sleeping Position

The sleeping position that is like a fetus in the womb. It means sleeping on either side of the body with knees bent up to the chest. It is the most popular sleeping position among women. According to the BSC survey, almost 47% of people prefer this position. It is the best way to sleep for a person with lower back pain and during pregnancy. Also, it helps to reduce snoring. It has a few downsides if you sleep in a tight or stiff fetal position. It might become difficult to take a deep breath while snoozing. Avoid sleeping in this position if you are suffering from joint pains.

If you want to sleep comfortably in the fetal position, make sure your posture is loose and relaxed when you curl up your body. You can try keeping a pillow between your knees. It enables you to better align your hips to avoid low back pain. During pregnancy, it is more helpful for comfortable and deep sleep. Keeping your bedding clean is also important. Buy long-lasting pillow covers which bring 5-star hotel quality to your home. They have breathable material and are highly absorbent in nature.

2.On Your Side

Side Sleeping Position

It is similar to a fetal position, just your legs are not pulled up towards your body. Sleep scientists call it the lateral sleeping position. It is beneficial in reducing snoring and heartburn. Also, it helps in stimulating brain health. Sleeping on your left side might be beneficial if you are not a heart patient. It can be useful for boosting regular bowel movements. It is advisable to sleep on the right side if you face any heart issues. Though you should not sleep on the either side whole night. Change it randomly otherwise it may cause stiffness in your shoulders. Also, it can lead to jaw tightness on that side. This posture can cause facial wrinkles if you follow this sleeping position for a long time. The skin on your face can expand over time. So, it is advisable to change the sleeping positions over time.

3.Sleeping On Your Back

Back Sleeping Position

This sleeping position comes with many benefits. It helps your spine to stay straight and relieves hip and knee pain. It is one of the best positions to sleep in as it keeps your body in an even alignment with your -spine. That helps to reduce the excessive pressure on your back or joints. A pillow below your knees can help support the natural spinal curve. This sleeping position also protects your face from getting wrinkles early. Despite these positives, sleeping on your back can be difficult for those having sleep apnea and snoring habit. It might be difficult for a person with back pain, so make sure you are supported properly with a pillow to enjoy a restful sleep. Ensure maximum comfort with  luxurious pillowcases.

3.On Your Stomach

Stomach Sleeping Position

Sleeping on your stomach has limited benefits. Still, 17 percent of people prefer sleeping on stomachs with arms beneath the pillow, or bound around it, head to one side. It’s a good position for people having sleep apnea or snoring habits. But it can cause neck and back pain as your muscles are not in a neutral position. Placing a pillow under your lower belly or below your head can help your body to stay in a bit more comfortable position.

The pros and cons of various sleeping positions are in front of you now. Select your sleeping position wisely.

dorm room ideas

5 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for You!

5 Dorm Room Decorating Ideas for You!

College reopening is just around the corner! So, Back to School vibes are sparkling everywhere. The new school year, new people, new teachers, new books, a new dorm room, and new roommates! You must be excited to move to the new living space in your college. Are you thinking of making it cozy with various dorm room decorating ideas? Do you know that you can decorate your dorm room with various design styles like contemporary, bohemian, traditional, french country, and a lot more? And the interesting fact is that your design style reflects your personality. Hence, while selecting the designs for dorm room decor, think of what you want & what will make you comfortable. No matter whatever design you pick, we will help you decorate your dorm room. Also, the Back to School Sale is flashing on almost all the websites. You can take benefits of them for creating budget-friendly dorm room decor.

Here, we are with 5 simple & easy dorm room decorating ideas. They will help you to convert your small living space into a cozy & classy dorm room.

dorm idea

Dorm room decor starts with the layout. You can follow simple ways to make more space.

  • Choose the right layout for your and your roommate’s needs.
  • Push the beds against opposite walls to make some personal space and then both of you can customize your side walls.
  • For privacy, you can use curtains or tapestries with string, hooks, or shower curtain tension rods as room dividers. There is one more option of using plastic or wooden foldable room dividers. Select as per your need & preference.

Once you finalize the layout, think of an arrangement for your stuff. Keep in mind the principle of maximum utilization of space.

  • Use the vertical space as wall shelves & bookshelves. You can keep your books, photo frames, decorative items, coffee mug, Bluetooth speaker & whatnot!
  • You can also use space-saving storage cube organizers for keeping blankets, study material, clothes, and other stuff.
  • Make your storage cube unit double as a nightstand or entertainment stand to maximize the space in your dorm room.
  • Also, you can make a storage bench and extra seating in your dorm by laying a long unit on its side and placing a cushion on top.

These space-saving dorm room ideas are always beneficial as most of the dorm rooms are small in size and occupied on a twin, triple, or quadruple sharing basis.

Loft your bed for more space

Utilize the space at its best. Lofting your bed is also one of the best dorm room ideas. But before doing that, check out with the College Housing Team if they allow you to adjust your bed’s height. You can fully loft your bed to create an under-bed space for study and storage. It’s possible to gain up to eight inches of storage space under your bed by using bed risers if you can’t raise its height. Depending on your needs, that might be enough space to store clothes, books, cleaning supplies, toiletries, and anything else you need to store.

Loft your bed for more space

Coordinate with your roommate for Colour Scheme

You can create a vibrant look by keeping one color family in mind, either cool or warm. Choose 2-4 basic colors and experiment with shades. You can stick to all neutrals, pair a pastel with neutral colors, use bright colors for a lively ambiance, or go with the different shades of the same color. Choose according to how you want the output. Before that, discuss with your roommate a color scheme for your living space. Maybe he/ she would prefer coordinating color schemes rather than matching coverlets. Discover a common ground on at least one color, and build from there.

Colour Scheme dorm bedding

Bedding is an important factor to consider

Good Sleep is a key to staying healthy and relieving stress. As you embark on a new year of experiences, you want your bed to serve as a peaceful and comfortable retreat.

First, check the size of your dorm bed as they differ from college to college. Some dorms use standard twin beds, others use twin XL beds. Choose your sheet sets according to that. You will need at least two sheet sets for alternate usage. Go for cotton bed sheets as they are durable and easy to care for. Their soft, sweat-wicking, and temperature-balancing nature ensures maximum comfort. You can select from flat sheets to fitted sheets in a range of colors and various thread counts from 400 to 1000. For discounts and best deals, keep an eye out for Back-to-School Sales. If you want to give a fresh, new look to your comforter, then consider buying a duvet cover.

In the end, throw pillows can be a great way to add style to your bed. If you already have them, then help them pop with fresh covers. Isn’t this dorm room decor creating a fresh vibe on a budget?

Set up your Small Kitchen

It’s one of the basics of your dorm room decorating ideas. You can have all your kitchen requirements even if your dorm room doesn’t have a kitchen. You can keep a mini fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and plenty of ready-to-eat snacks there. You can access these for midnight food cravings, late-night coffee, and even if you miss out on meal time at the mess.

So, these are the 5 tips to keep in mind while thinking of dorm room decorating ideas. Understand, that the dorm room is your living space for a year. Renovate it with creativity, make it cozy, and keep it lively even if you will leave it for a freshman after a year. The memories & moments you spend there will last as long as you live.

small kitchen dorm room idea kk

Happy Dorm Life!

How to Use washing Soda in Laundry

Best Washing Soda for Laundry

How to use Washing Soda in Laundry

Washing soda (sodium bicarbonate), which you already have in your refrigerator, can also be used to reduce odors in laundry, increase detergent and bleach performance, soften clothes and control detergent suds. Washing soda, along with distilled vinegar, is safe to use in standard and high-efficiency washers. It can also be used to reduce your dependency on harsh chemicals.

How to use washing soda in laundry

Chlorine bleach is often used to help remove odors and general grime in our laundry. In water that is too acidic or alkaline, bleach needs a boost to work more effectively. By boosting its cleaning properties, you may be able to use less bleach to achieve the same results, saving yourself money and reducing the bleach’s impact on the environment.

Adding 1/2 cup of washing soda for each 1/2 cup of bleach (being sure to add the bleach at the proper time) will help regulate the pH level in the water so bleach will work more effectively to reduce bacteria and loosen the soil.

If you’re not using chlorine bleach, that 1/2 cup of washing soda will boost the performance of your detergent. This is especially important if you have hard water or use a value detergent. The dry washing soda should be added to the empty washer tub before dirty laundry is added. Do not place washing soda in a washer’s automatic dispensers.

Benefit of Use Washing Soda for Laundry

Reduce and eliminate laundry odors

Bacteria is responsible for the unpleasant odors that can be found on linens and clothes. When detergent molecules break down the bacteria cells on fabrics, the bacteria is removed. To work effectively, detergents that are less expensive but don’t contain any enzymes to fight bacteria will need to be boosted.

Washing soda regulates the washer’s pH level by keeping it from becoming too acidic or too alkaline. Washing soda can be added to every laundry load to make detergents more effective and less bacteria-friendly.

Washing soda and water can be used as a pre-soak for heavy odor problems such as underarm sweat, or environmental odors such as cigarette smoke. Use warm water to dissolve 1 to 2 cups of washing soda. Add the washing soda to the warm water in a large basin or washer tub. Allow your stinky clothes to soak overnight before washing as usual.

If your garments need to be refreshed and are not machine washable, you can seal them in a container such as a storage tub or a box of washing soda. To remove odors, leave them on the rack for 24 hours.

Enhance Bleach and Detergent Performance

To remove odors and other grime from laundry, chlorine bleach is used often. Bleach needs to be able to work better in water that is too alkaline or acidic. You may be able use less bleach to achieve similar results by increasing its cleaning properties. This will save you money and reduce the impact of bleach on the environment.

Washing soda can be added to 1/2 cup bleach. This will regulate the pH of the water and help reduce bacteria.

Washing soda can be used to boost your detergent’s performance, even if you don’t use chlorine bleach. This is particularly important if your detergent is formulated for hard water. Before dirty laundry is washed, dry washing soda should be added into the empty washer tub. Washing soda should not be placed in the automatic dispensers of washers.

Best Selling Washing Soda Online 2022

Arm & Hammer

Works great in cold water. Excellent stain removal performance & erasing stains from all of our swatches in cold water


Cleans away dirt you can't see. Bigger PODS are great for big loads. Whitens without bleach

Sky High Suds

Formula includes whiteners and color brighteners. Removes stains well and dissolves in cold water

Natural Softening of Fabrics

Washing soda regulates the washer’s rinse water pH by keeping it from becoming too acidic/alkaline. Washing soda can be added to every rinse cycle to balance out detergent and mineral deposits. It also helps to keep clothes from becoming stiffer by keeping them from re-accumulating on clothes.

Washing soda, a natural mineral that is also less harmful than synthetic fabrics softeners with fragrances that mask odors, is less harsh than synthetic fabric sanitizers . Washing soda is safe and can be used in place of synthetic fabric softeners, which can cause problems with children’s pajamas that have fire retardant finishes.

Irons that are clean

Washing soda can be used as a gentle abrasive. Mix a mixture of washing soda and water to remove starch and scorch from the cool iron’s faceplate. Use a clean cloth to rub the paste all over the iron’s face. To remove stubborn buildup, scrub the iron with a clean cloth. Use distilled white vinegar to clean the faceplate.

The iron will glide smoother, making ironing easier and leaving no traceable deposits.

Control washer suds

While it may look funny on television, suds from your washing machine can cause serious problems in your laundry room. Suds control has become a top priority with the new HE front-loading washers. You’ll notice suds if you use regular laundry detergent instead of HE detergent.

If this happens, shut off the washer and grab your washing soda box. To quickly dissolve the suds, sprinkle the powder on top. Washing soda will absorb some moisture and make cleanup easier.

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Best Laundry Detergents to buy for your Sheets in 2022

Best Laundry Detergents to buy for your Sheets in 2022 (Best Seller)

Best Laundry Detergents to buy for your Sheets in 2022

Picking the best laundry detergent is key to making your clothing last for the long haul.

An additional thing to think about is the ingredients checklist on the back of the bottle. If you have sensitive skin, be on the lookout for sulfates, parabens, and various other severe chemicals that might trigger irritability.

Or if you’re picky about the way your laundry smells, consider a sport-strength detergent that eliminates odors, or even a luxe detergent that smells like a garden.

All laundry detergents claim to remove stains, whiten, brighten colors and generally just be “new and improved,” so it’s difficult to know which really work best.

Here are our top laundry detergent picks to tackle every kind of mess and for every kind of load, based on our testing.

Best Laundry Detergent Topbestbedding (3)


Works great in cold water. Excellent stain removal performance & erasing stains from all of our swatches in cold water
$ 16
Best Laundry Detergent Topbestbedding (3)


Cleans away dirt you can't see. Bigger PODS are great for big loads. Whitens without bleach
$ 19
Best Laundry Detergent Topbestbedding (3)

Tide Bleach

Formula includes whiteners and color brighteners. Removes stains well and dissolves in cold water
$ 18


Works for all delicate and sturdy fabrics Well-priced special formula pulls color-fading metal and chlorine ions
$ 15
Best Laundry Detergent Topbestbedding (3)


Baby Laundry Detergent. Removes stains well Gentle on delicate skin. Comes in multiple formulas to use as kids grow.
$ 20
Best Laundry Detergent Topbestbedding (3)

Persil (Natural)

65% plant-based formula Comes in two unique scents Made without dyes. Botanicals Plant-Based Laundry Detergent
$ 14

How to remove tuff stain naturally from sheet at home.

  1. Vinegar Vinegar is a common kitchen product. If you don’t have any other stain remover in hand, use Vinegar. Set the sheet for at least half an hour after applying vinegar. The outcome will be excellent as it loosens the stain on the fabric that makes it easy to remove.
  2. Baking Soda is a simple and readily available product at home. You’ll need to prepare a paste with baking soda. Mix two to three portions of baking soda and one part of water to make a paste. Then apply the paste to the stain and dry in the sun. After drying, remove the residue with a brush. You will get a good result.
  3. Salt Water If you don’t have any of the above products, the most accessible alternative of all is Salt Water or Saline Water. Due to its dehydrating qualities, saltwater draws blood from sheets. Bloodstains should be soaked in salt water for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with normal cold water.

Thus, the above steps are effective when you want to remove blood from your bedsheets. Try all the steps carefully. Don’t use harsh products on your fabric and don’t forget to use bleach-free stain removers. Besides, let your sheets dry naturally instead of using a dryer because a machine dryer can set the stain on the sheet.

Nothing feels like slipping into a bed with fresh, clean sheets. Now that you know how to get blood out of your sheets, removing stains and making your sheets clean won’t be a problem anymore. Washing doesn’t need to be cumbersome,

What type of laundry detergent cleans best?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each type. Which form you choose will depend on personal preference and which you find most convenient to use and most effective based on the brand and the types of laundry loads you do. Here’s our take on the three most popular forms of laundry detergent — powder, liquid and single-use packs.

  1. Powder detergent was the first type of laundry detergent, and it is typically cheaper compared to its liquid and single-dose counterparts. Detergents in this category tend to perform well on outdoor stains like mud, clay or grass, so it’s great for little ones’ soccer uniforms and your gardening clothes. Keep in mind: Powder must be stored in a completely dry area to avoid clumping. Also note that if you like washing in cold water, some powders may not dissolve completely and as a result, unwanted residue may settle on your clothing.
  2. Liquid detergent performs particularly well on oil and grease stains. Conveniently, it can be used as a spot pre-treater, and you’ll never have to worry about it not dissolving. Don’t forget to use the correct amount, though: The lines on the measuring caps are there for a reason! Too much will cause over-sudsing, or the soap may not rinse out when the cycle is over. Too little, your clothes won’t get clean. Trust us: You get better results when you use the recommended amount.
  3. Single-dose packets are very convenient but on average, cost a little more. You don’t have to worry about using too little or too much detergent as it is already pre-measured with either liquid or powder detergent. Usually, one pack is recommended for average-size loads and two packs for large or heavily soiled loads. One pack may be too much for very small loads, and you never want to break them. Keep in mind: Some packs have trouble dissolving in some machines, especially at lower water temperatures, so make sure you add the packs before adding the clothes. Some newer machines now have sections in the dispenser drawer just for these packets so they dissolve better in less water.
  4. Safety Note: Make sure you store your single-use laundry packets in their original containers and away from children, pets and anyone else who could be at risk of ingesting them or using them for anything other than laundry. For safety reasons, we don’t recommend placing packets in unmarked decorative jars to leave on display in your laundry area and won’t recommend any liquid single-dose detergents that don’t come in child-resistant packaging with appropriate safe storage and use directions.

How much laundry detergent to use

Most detergent directions include dosage recommendations for medium or regular loads and for large or heavily-soiled loads. You also have to factor in the size of your washing machine’s tub. A medium load means dry clothes fill the tub halfway, a large load fills it 3/4 of the way and a full load fills the tub but still allows the items to move freely.

Always measure! Never just pour liquids or powders in. Add more for extra large and extra dirty loads or if your water is especially hard.

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How To Get Blood Out OF Your Sheets ?

How to Get Blood Out of Your Sheets?

Below are a few steps you can follow to make the process of removing blood a lot easier and your bed sheets a lot cleaner in the end-

  • Step 1: Use cold water and soak it As soon as you see the bloodstain, take the sheet and soak it in cold water for long hours. You may use warm or hot water to remove stains or dirt from your clothes. But in the case of blood, using warm water will set the blood stain leading to difficulty in removing the blood from the cloth. So soaking in cold water for long hours will stop the blood from settling on the fabric.
  • Step 2: Blot it, don’t rub Rubbing is a usual method we use to remove any stain from clothes. It might work in almost all situations. But when there is blood on the sheet, rubbing might spread the blood over the fabric. It will be a mess ultimately. So instead, blot the blood with a wet cloth. It helps to remove the excess blood.
  • Step 3: Leave it again in cold water After blotting the sheet, you have to leave the sheet in cold water for at least an hour. It helps to remove the blood more quickly as the stain becomes light.
  • Step 4: Use stain remover It’s now time to apply a stain remover after soaking it in cold water. You can use household as well as commercial stain removers. Before using the stain remover, you must check, it is bleach free or not. Though bleaching helps in removing the stain, fabrics including acetate, wool, silk, spandex, and polypropylene foam should not be bleached. Furthermore, the overuse of bleach in a white sheet on a regular basis might deteriorate the fabric. So, you should avoid bleach as a stain remover.
  • Step 5: Soak in a soap solution. You need to soak in the soap solution for long hours after using a stain remover. It helps to remove the remaining blood in the sheet.
  • Step 6: Wash it out and let it dry. The last step of the whole process is to wash the sheet manually or with a washing machine and let it dry. Instead of using a dryer, place the bedsheet in the sun or in front of a fan. The stain can get uglier if you use the dryer.

Top Seller on Amazon for Tuff Stain

How to Get Dried Blood out of Sheets

More often than not, a blood stain dries overnight, leaving you with a hard-to-remove mess in the morning. While it may take more time and elbow grease to remove than a fresh stain, this three-step method will help remove even the most set-in stains.

  • Soak the stained area in a mixture of cold water and laundry detergent or a pre-soak stain remover like Carbona Oxy Powered Laundry Soaker. (FYI, this may take several hours or even overnight, depending on the severity of the stain.) Every so often, give the stain a scrub by hand.
  • Rinse well once soaking has removed as much of the stain as possible. Work in a stain pre-treater or some liquid detergent and launder the sheet using fabric-safe bleach.
  • If this still doesn’t work, mix 1 quart of water with 1 teaspoon of laundry detergent and 1 tablespoon of ammonia, and soak the stain again until removed, scrubbing often. Or, rub with a laundry bar soap, like Fels-Naptha and rewash.

How to remove tuff stain naturally from sheet at home

  1. Vinegar Vinegar is a common kitchen product. If you don’t have any other stain remover in hand, use Vinegar. Set the sheet for at least half an hour after applying vinegar. The outcome will be excellent as it loosens the stain on the fabric that makes it easy to remove.
  2. Baking Soda is a simple and readily available product at home. You’ll need to prepare a paste with baking soda. Mix two to three portions of baking soda and one part of water to make a paste. Then apply the paste to the stain and dry in the sun. After drying, remove the residue with a brush. You will get a good result.
  3. Salt Water If you don’t have any of the above products, the most accessible alternative of all is Salt Water or Saline Water. Due to its dehydrating qualities, saltwater draws blood from sheets. Bloodstains should be soaked in salt water for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing with normal cold water.

Thus, the above steps are effective when you want to remove blood from your bedsheets. Try all the steps carefully. Don’t use harsh products on your fabric and don’t forget to use bleach-free stain removers. Besides, let your sheets dry naturally instead of using a dryer because a machine dryer can set the stain on the sheet.

Nothing feels like slipping into a bed with fresh, clean sheets. Now that you know how to get blood out of your sheets, removing stains and making your sheets clean won’t be a problem anymore. Washing doesn’t need to be cumbersome,

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Fitted Sheets Clip

Best Selling Fitted Sheet Clips Online 2022

Why Fitted Sheet Clips are Needed?

The corners of my fitted sheet always slip off of my mattress and I frequently wake up in a tangle of sheets. These bed sheet clips keep my fitted sheet in place all night long.

Why It is Important To Put Fitted Sheet Clips?

Fitted sheets are my sworn enemy. I must subconsciously take my aggressions out on them in my sleep, because I’ll wake up and either the fitted sheet is all bunched up or has come undone at the corners.

We bring you with some of the durable and super cheap bed sheet clips that took my bunched-up sheets from tangled to tamed. It’s amazing how such a small thing can make so much of a difference.

Avoid Such Mistake with Fitted Sheet Clips

My only advice is to not make the sheet suspenders super tight, which increases the risk of them unfastening and potentially smacking you in the face. I’m also careful when I unclip them when it comes time to wash the sheets.

If you have any type of mattress that has a soft silk-like cover, these straps are an absolute godsend because they’ll keep your sheets from moving and sliding around all over the place.

If you want that smooth, crisp, hotel-bed feel, these bed sheet clips get the job done. Finally, making your bed in the morning won’t include fixing your crooked fitted sheets!

Best Selling Fitted Sheet Clips Available Online 2022







FeelAtHome Bed Sheet Holder Straps/Suspenders Criss-Cross Design

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet

  • High quality elastic bands make them Durable& Long Lasting.
  • Quality chrome metal with plastic grippers for a firm grip.
  • Plastic Gripper protects your sheets from tearing.
  • This fastener fits All Sizes of mattresses.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 4.8

Raytour Bedsheet Straps & Holders Fasteners

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet

  • High-Quality elastic nylon Bedsheet Holders.
  • Heavy-Duty Elastic Straps protect from tearing.
  • Nickel-plated Clamps for durability and holds the bedsheet firmly.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 4.7

Rubber Hugger – The Bed Sheet Holder Band

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet)

  • Keep Sheet Secure Without Small Clips
  • Hold Snug Mattress so that it does not slip off while you sleep.
  • Even the top sheet can be tucked into the band without even lifting the mattress.
  • Comes with a FREE rubber Hugger is Strap to be used if you have an adjustable mattress
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 4.5

Siaomo Bed Sheet Holder Straps/ Suspenders Criss-Cross Design

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet

  • Adjustable length allows desired tension for Fitted & Flat Sheets.
  • Sturdy chrome metal clips and Wider elastic bands for a stable and stronger grip.
  • Adjustable elastic sheet straps grippers offer comfort and protect from tearing.
  • Can also be used as tablecloth clips.
  • This fastener fits All Sizes of mattresses.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 4.9

BED SCRUNCHIE Sheet Holder Straps Strongest Design

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet)

  • World’s first 360-degree bed sheet holder.
  • The fastener converts a flat sheet into a perfectly tailored fitted sheet.
  • Animal Friendly as a four-legged friend could not disturb the tight sheet.
  • Clips are made of the most durable plastic.
  • The string cord is made of the strongest bungee cord.
  • This Unique fastener fits All Sizes of Mattress.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 5

Bed Band Bed Sheet Holder, Gripper, Suspender and Strap

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet)

  • Heavy Duty Shock Cord.
  • Nickel-plated Clamps.
  • Stretch from 12″ to approx 18” than ordinary straps.
  • High Tension Strong Gripper offers long-lasting uses.
  • Comes with a unique cord lock.
  • Unique fastener fits All Sizes of mattresses.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 5

Beskyoo Bed Sheet Holder, Gripper, Suspender and Strap

(For Flat Sheet & Fitted Sheet)

  • Snap Lock type Clips that hold the sheets firmly in place.
  • Simple Installation.
  • Snap Lock clips are very easy to use.
  • Do not Broke or slide out of place.
  • Suspenders is adjustable from 33.3″ to 102.4″ which fits all size mattress easily.
  • King
  • Calking
  • Queen
  • Full 
Rating 5 Star

Rating 4.6

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